Bury Governor Development was created by governors for governors. It exists to help governors of both primary and secondary schools to fulfil these roles ever more effectively. It provides excellent courses tailored to the needs of governors and led by high quality trainers. Bury Governance Development vision is not only to maintain but also to enhance the high attainment of children in our schools.


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You will be an academy by 2020 – right?

We then followed the theme from Autumn with a panel discussion on what federations and multi academy trusts (MATs) could mean for our schools. We were very pleased to have an ‘out of borough’ chair of governors to join our panel – Ariana Yakas, who has seen her schools through federation to MAT. What was pleasing to hear was that although there is national appetite for academisation, and Bury has one of the lowest percentage of academies, we shouldn’t resist for resistance sake. Bury LA has always had a close relationship with its schools with the Bury Family close to its heart for many years. With the realisation that we should jump rather than wait to be pushed, it’s pleasing that Bury is pro-actively seeking lots of information about which direction it is best to jump.

The evening went very well, with lots of interaction from the floor, and very little resistance to formal collaboratives. The benefits of collaboratives at all levels are well documented, making them ‘formal’ adds to this.

The main summary of actions was that, as governors – we must act to remain in control, be very open with all the stakeholders, do your homework and get it right first time. Many thanks to Ariana for making the evening such a success.

The next couple of years will see some massive changes in governance, I feel it is our responsibility to the children to get it right for our schools. I urge all of you to get involved.

Richard Ainsworth

Chair, Bury Governor Association

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